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On the occasion of the Italian National Day, the Consulate General of Italy in Montreal will host a big event for the Italian community which will be held on the weekend of June 2nd to 4th, 2017, witnessing at the same time the presence of Italians in Montreal for its 375th anniversary of the foundation of the city. The event will feature activities and a reception open to the entire community, inviting Representatives from the Federal, Regional and Municipal Governments, the Consular Corps and Representatives from the Economic, Cultural, Artistic, Sports and Media sectors. It will therefore be a unique opportunity to promote Italian products to a wide public in different areas like food, wine, fashion, design, cars, industry, etc. presented in the form of a display for the Italian and Italian-Canadian business community in Quebec, as well as for other companies interested in working with Italy.

In accordance with the regulation on sponsorship activities for the Italian diplomatic-consular network abroad (especially based on DPR 1 February 2010 and 54 of the L.D. 50/2016, art. 19), public and private Italian and Canadians companies, associations and professionals can sponsor the event, contributing financially to the costs or, alternatively, providing goods (wine, drinks and typical products of the Italian food and wine culture) or services (logistics, transport, etc.). The relations between the Consulate General of Italy in Montreal and the sponsors will be governed by individual contracts under current Italian regulations, which will offer special forms of visibility (i.e. printed logo or trademark on the program, set-up stand, roll up, signaling guests to events or receptions linked to Italy etc.). The sponsor will have the responsibility of taking charge of the expenses related to the payment of any taxes, fees or charges, however mentioned, under any law or national or local law regulations, arising from this contract.

The proposals for sponsorship would not be binding in relation to the formalization of the contract. The contract may be concluded only after an assessment made by the Consulate General of Italy in Montreal regarding compliance with the principles of economy, efficiency, impartiality, equal treatment and transparency, as well as on the basis of the absence of prejudice or damage to the image of the Office. The Consulate General also reserves its rights to verify that there are no grounds for excluding an economic operator from participating in a procurement or concession procedure under art. 80 L. D. 50/2016.

For major information please do not hesitate to contact the office of the Consul General (tel.: (514) 849-7847 - The confidentiality will be secured in the processing of personal data in accordance with L. D. 196/2003.