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Italian Design Day 2018



Italian Design Day 2018

Montreal, "creative city" of UNESCO, was one of the cities that hosted yesterday, March 1st, the second edition of the Italian Design Day. More than 300 people attended the seminar organized by the Consulate General of Italy at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Montreal in collaboration with the Italian Culture Institute, the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Canada, the Italian Trade Agency and the Order of Architects of Quebec.
The seminar was inaugurated by Manon Guité, Associate Dean of the Faculty of Architecture, followed by an animated presentation of the Consul General of Italy in Montreal, Marco Riccardo Rusconi, and a presentation of Christine Gosselin, member of the Executive Committee, responsible for heritage, culture and design of the city of Montreal.
The edition of this year, which focused on the relationship between design and sustainable development, had a strong female dominance thanks to the presence of two “Design Ambassadors" coming from Italy, Luisa Collina, Dean of the design School of Politecnico di Milano and Marva Griffin, Founder and Curator of Salone Satellite in Milan. Among the guests, Salvatore Amura, Director of External Relations and Public Affairs of the European Institute of Design (IED) was also present.
The conference room welcomed eight other participants among them designers, architects and Canadian entrepreneurs, all gathered in two focus groups moderated by Prof. Giovanni De Paoli, former Dean of the Faculty of Architecture, emphasizing how the design project can contribute to mutual respect between nature and humans.

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